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All prices are including  VAT , excluded shipping costs. 

VAT and customs duty:
When ordering from an EU country: a VAT of 15% are added  to your order.
When ordering from a non-EU country: Please note that local charges (customs duty and sales tax) may be added to your order, depending on your region and local customs duties. These charges are at your expense. Please enquire with your local customs office for your local rules and regulations.

Online Payments easy and secure worldwide

We use DIBS for secure online payment.


The e-Shop uses the security protocol SSL, which encrypts information between the internet browser (card holder) and the internet server (the shop). This means that the information you provide when paying by credit card is protected during transfer from your computer to DIBS. As an encrypting form in electronic trading, SSL is widely used and is regarded as a very secure solution.

Confidential information

WiseLED/WiseDive  only use your private details - name, address and e-mail – for sending you your goods and to inform you if unforeseen problems regarding delivery should arise. Furthermore, after placing an order you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail.

We will retain information in connection with your purchase for 2 years to ensure correct action in the event of a guarantee issue.


The delivery price depends on the goods you order. The total delivery price for your order will be shown in the shopping cart. Normal delivery time is within 4-5 working days, if not in stock 10 days. If you order several items together, your order will only be sent once all the items are ready for delivery.

Order confirmation

Shortly after you have purchased goods online, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail. It contains, amongst other things, an order number, name and address of the payee, the method of payment, the delivery address as well as an overview of the goods ordered.


The receipt is the last step in the purchasing process, and we recommend that you print it out immediately after making a purchase. The receipt must be shown when making an exchange of the products, annulment or claim.

Exchange rights

You have 14 days exchange rights on all goods you purchase online, valid from the date you receive the goods. A precondition of the right to exchange an item is that the item is returned in its original condition and quantity. A copy of the receipt must always accompany the goods.

Annulment rights

You have 14 days annulment rights on all goods you purchase online, valid from the day you receive the goods. A precondition of the right to annul the order is that the item must be returned in the original condition and number. The receipt must always accompany the goods. You also have the right to annul a purchase by not accepting/receiving the goods, in which case the receipt is required. Alternatively, you may send the goods to WiseDive and you will be credited the relevant amount.

The address is:

WiseDive Aps
Nellebakken 5
DK - 3250 Gilleleje

Support & delivery: support@wisedive.com
You can also contact us by phone: +45 8888 7300

You are responsible for any costs involved in returning the goods.

Claiming rights

According to the regulations stipulated in the Sale of Goods Act, you have a 2 year claiming right, starting at the date of receipt of the goods. For certain products, the claiming period is longer. Vandalism, misuse or the like is not covered by the claiming rights.

Enclose your e-mail receipt with your claim.

Guarantee conditions

WiseDive and WiseLED flashlights have to be kept fully charged at all times. Our warranty won't cover flashlights that have been left uncharged for a period of 2-3 weeks and this is not to happen more than 3 times, as this will significantly deteriorate the battery. The Li-ion batteries chemistry is not able to survive longer periods without energy so if not charged with a timely interval your batteries will get less efficient and the chemistry inside will eventually give up. So therefore remember always to fully recharge your flashlight before storing it for longer periods of time. The warranty will become null and void if the product is misused, abused, tampered with or taken apart.

The batteries can do a minimum of 300 FULL charges if handled correctly, after 300 charges the output will decrease by 20%. After 500 charges the battery will need to be replaced.

You have a 2 year guarantee (limited guarantee for the batteries) if any problems arise with your WiseDive product. Return your WiseDive product to our address after which we will correct the problem as soon as possible or alternatively send you a new product. Vandalism, misuse or the like are not covered by the exchange rights.

Enclose your receipt when exchanging the product.

Consumer agreement act

Your order and your purchase via WiseDive’s e-Shop are subject to normal Danish laws, hereunder the consolidated Act no. 886 concerning certain consumer agreements (door-to-door sales, remote sales and current services) of 23 December 1987 which was amended by Act no. 262 of 6 June 1993 and Act no. 1098 of 21 December 1994 – commonly known as the “Door Sales Act”.


We reserve the right for typos, errors in pricing, VAT and rate changes as well as delivery failures. Agreements regarding purchase of goods from WiseDive are regarded as final once the order has been received and expedited. Offers are valid as long as stocks last.

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