UPGRADE to WiseONE high lux lens

UPGRADE to WiseONE high lux lens

Product Code: lens-upgrade
Price: 150.00€
Ex Tax: 120.00€

You can upgrade the original lens of your WiseLED Tactical NG , WiseDive Handheld or  WiseDive Canister 3300  to our new narrow beam tech lens.   If you want to upgrade   order the lens upgrade online and  ship your light with order confirmation included to us. 


LUX values - table 

WiseDive model Lumen Lux @ 1 meter Lux @ 3 meter Lux @ 5 meter
WiseDive Compact  1600 30045,00 3333,33 1200,00
WiseDive Handheld  3300 39291,00 4366,00 1596,85
WiseLED Tactical NG+ 2800 85516,00 9502,00 3420,64
WiseONE Black Edition  5000 201000,00    


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